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Myomassology is a type of discipline established in the 1970's by RMT's who wanted to branch off and incorporate further disciplines to their practice in order to fully provide clients with wellness. Myomassology integrates body work techniques, as well as incorporate reflexology, acupressure points, lymphatic targeting, reiki and much more. Myomassology is great for relieving pain, headaches, spinal deformities, repetitive stress disorder, TMJ, whiplash, postural imbalance, restless leg syndrome, lymphatic system disorders, constipation, insomnia, carpel tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, and much more.

We are bound by the same professionalism, ethics and level of knowledge that most other Health Care Practitioners are. We are registered through Natural Health Care Practitioners of Canada.

Myomassology Practitioners do issue receipts for services rendered, however the classification of their receipts are under "Alternative and Spa" under Extended Health Care Benefits for Ontario, you'll have to check with your benefit company if you're covered for this category. If not, or if you're self-employed without benefits, or if you've maxed out your massage therapy benefit claims, just keep our receipts for when income tax time is around!

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