Community Healing Days Clinic

Community Healing Days is a low cost bodywork clinic centering folks with

*very low income
*folks without insurance
*folks who can't access bodywork at full price

Please note that you are welcome to come back to the clinic to follow up and deepen your care. In order to serve a larger population, we are limiting individuals to three sessions per year ( unless communicated otherwise by your practitioner).

We prioritize refugees, migrants, non status folks, queer and trans community, racialised folks, single parents, those living with disabilities & chronic pain and those who face barriers in accessing healthcare.

Community Healing Days is a pilot project. We are advocating for a more holistic & accessible approach to healthcare to be integrated into Quebec’s public system.

Through intake and feedback forms, we are collecting research to assess your unmet healthcare needs, the impact of this service and which communities face barriers when accessing healthcare.